Jul 15, 2013

House tour: Living room

My living room is looking snazzy these days thanks to my "somewhat healthy" thrifty/craiglist/freecycle obsession. The newest addition in our place is that sexy looking surfboard table up there, which I just brought back from Philadelphia. I found it listed on Craigslist and had been eyeing it for the past couple of weeks. I finally made my way to Philly this past weekend and picked up the beauty from Jen at Picked Vintage. It was just what I needed to pull everything together. As it turns out, the finish of the table and the tapered legs with bronze detailing match the mini bar exactly... to a T. It seriously looks like they were part of the same set!

Click the link below for the rest of the details..

Surfboard coffee table close-up (Photo: Picked Vintage)

The mid century lamp came from a friend of Riki's who also sold him the mini bar. She was moving and offered it to us as an added bonus (thank you Charly!) while we were about to leave and bring the bar home. We had been wanting a side table but couldn't find anything skinny enough to fit the space. I live in a railroad and that corner is the point where the hallway leads to the other rooms so it was a tight squeeze for most things, though for the lamp it was just perfect.

Century 21 rug, vintage couch and DIY band pillows

As for the couch, which I've posted about before here, I'd really love to get a chance to re-upholster it someday. Its a lovely piece from the 60's with a really unique shape but it could use a little facelift (notice the cat straches on the side from the previous owner). I was incredibly lucky to get for free (though the delivery was about $80). I've since vacuumed it all over and cleared up some of the normal couch dingyness with he help fo some upholstery cleaner. The fabric turned out brighter and looks really nice! Gotta give the guy props for surviving years of loving and a trip from 4th floor walk up to 4th floor walk up - that shit was like a tetris game, though way less fun for the guys who helped me out. If you ever need a man with a van, I know just the right guys - trust me, they are real champs.

I can't seem to find pictures of when we moved in - probably because I wasn't all too proud of how it looked yet but here's my friend Less in the living room's previous incarnation. [ That bookcase now lives in our office and the chest has moved places too. The couch we had at the time was an ikea sleeper, handy when guests stay the night but overall kinda fugs so it got moved too.]

Overall, it's still a work in progress but we've come a long way from when we first moved in. Next on the pipeline is reupholstering the fabric on the mini bar to match the rest of the decor and putting up a few shelves for more liquor above the bar. The reupholstery should be an easy process, the difficult part is deciding on the fabric. Personally, I like this but Riki would like something with more of a noticeable pattern so we're still on the look out for the perfect fit. Any suggestions?

  • Couch - Craigslist
  • Surfboard Coffee table - Picked Vintage / Craigslist
  • Mid century mini bar and lamp - friend
  • Bar stools - Brooklyn Freecycle
  • Rug - century 21
  • Pillows - DIY (I did a post on them here)
  • Frames/Artwork - Salvation Army and silkscreen prints from respective shows
  • Skull hanging lights - Walgreens, halloween clearance
  • Shade plants - Home Depot

And while we are on the topic... for some mid-century living inspiration check out my board on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/xrnrmassacrex/midcentury-home/


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