Apr 22, 2010

I like my coffee hot

Just because I've become a master at procrastination and I'm of course still up at this ungodly hour in the morning I thought i'd combine my need for coffee with a productive eco-friendly tip.

In lieu of Syracuse's Earth Week celebration, I have found myself bombarded with discussions about sustainability and green alternatives. Among these conversations, my friend Lindsay recently mentioned she keeps the heat protective sleeves from People's Place and reuses them. So her comment quickly turned into a crafty lightbulb moment: COZIES!

Image via Etsy

First thing that came to mind, crochet and felt. Handmade cozies make for a great alternative to double cups and cardboard or carton heat sleeves that people often throw away. While I can't make every coffee shop invest in compostable hot cups or corn-based coated cups, reusable cozies can certainly aid in reducing the amount of cups wasted... and keeping you from burning your fingers off.
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