Nov 6, 2012

Hi old friend, it's been awhile

I know, its been ages. I should be ashamed.
To my defense, i've been incredibly busy and rarely documenting my craft projects.
While I've wanted to return to this blog for quite a while now, it just hasn't really happened. Inspired by the DIY and handmade blogs I stalk daily I figured I should take advantage of the situation at hand. I'm working from home while our office regains power after hurricane Sandy and I have less of workload on my hands for the time being. It's going to be nuts once we return to the office so nows the time to show you what i've been upto lately in the crafts dept...

 Band shirt pillows!

From left to right: VICE SQUAD Last Rockers tee (from when i saw them in London!), HorrorPops shirt (from the good old punkmart days) and The Adicts tour shirt (still got the playing cards from the last time I saw them)

I've been hoarding band shirts for the past 5-10 years that were dear to my heart but small/too large or just too 'something else'. Last month, I decided to clear out my closet and attempt to live by less hoarding and more usefulness in my home. Hard for someone who loves vintage junk and lives in nyc (ie. vintage junk mecca) but it was time. Moving into my 5th floor apartment with all my stuff was no easy feat. and i do not intend on doing that again. So when the time came to de-clutter I started with the closet and found my band shirts all packed up with love and taking up space. After a few snips, a couple of hours on the sewing machine and some stuffing this proud mama gets to display them on the couch instead.
The latest addition to the collection, my very first DIY shirt turned pillow. This 'The Damned'  shirt had already gone through a deconstruction into a tank that included zebra striped straps and a zebra line along the back. Sadly, it no longer fit my non-16 year old self.

And for good measure, this is what we carved up for halloween..
I'd say it came out pretty decent for my second attempt at pumpkin carving EVER :)


Tattooed Martha said...

I love these! I'm always looking for new DIY projects with band t-shirts and this is perfect!

Steph said...

Glad you like. I have a little collection of them now. Let me know if you end up making any, I'd love to see them! x

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