Jan 29, 2013

Latest craigslist score: Bad ass mid-century couch!

I had a series of unfortunate events happen this weekend but this amazing craigslist find certainly helped cheer me up. It was an incredibly lucky find and FREE (well mostly free, since it did not fit in my car and I had to pay for someone to deliver it to my apartment...very well worth it).

The couch has great bones and a fantastic shape. Besides the cat scratches on the side, it's in pretty great condition considering its age. However, it could surely use some TLC. For now, the plan is to start off by removing some musty odor and cleaning it up a little. I'm sure that will give it the temporary face-lift it needs to be a functional part of my living room. I do plan on taking it up as a massive reupholstering project in the near future but I think I need to start a little smaller first so I'm taking up a few chairs before I muster the bravery of doing this guy. How cool would it look in olive green though, right?

In case your wondering... I did (OF COURSE) already start gathering some resources and inspiration for the project: http://pinterest.com/xrnrmassacrex/couch-re-upholstery-project-inspiration/

Please pass do along any helpful ideas or links if you have them. Would love to learn as much as I can before tackling the re-upholstery!

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