Jul 26, 2013

I scream DIY

It's been incredibly hot outside lately here in New York and if you too have been enduring temperatures fit for a heat stroke, I feel for you. I do love summer, don't get me wrong - I'm from a tropical island, where it is humid and hot all the time but when it comes to NYC heatwaves it feels like all the concrete absorbes the heat making it even hotter. I'm always totally blown aback by how incredibly unbearable it can get sometimes but can you guess what makes it all better? This magical thing called iced cream.

The mere thought of ice cream is enough to make me feel all nice inside and that's why I'm dedicating this DIY round up post to the ultimate dessert.

1. DIY ruffled ice cream cones by Icing Designs 
2. Ice cream cone garland by OhHappyDay 
3. Ice cream and mixed berry pops by Martha Stewart 
4.Ice cream party hat DIY by Mermaidens 
5.Buttermilk raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches by A periodic table blog 
6. Ice cream on a stick by Martha Stewart via Emmaline Bride 
7. Clay Ice cream necklace how to by DIY Courtney 
8. Ice cream cake tutorial by I am Topsy Turvy 
9. Ice cream stand by Dear lillie blog 

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