Oct 16, 2008


I have a new obssesion and its called instructables.com
I stumbled upon this website looking for ideas for the Fake it section of Jerk Magazine. Before i knew it I had gone through more than 100 projects and couldnt stop hitting next. I now have a bookmark folder just to keep up with all the ones i want to do. The website features a tons of how-to videos on just about anything you can imagine. They have everything from mood lamps to robot head costumes and in celebration of october festivities they currently have a whole forum on halloween ideas:costumes, makeup and random knicknacks.

So if your into making a GEICO caveman costume, faking bullet wounds or just learning how to make a teeth mold for your halloween costume, this website is a must-see. And if you think youve got better ideas than anything on here, then enter their halloween contest and win yourself one of those 68 prizes that total over $6,000. Threadless and Etsy are in on it too.

Heres some of my favorite projects:
Note Holder: made out of CDs

Mar 21, 2008

Indie Garage Sale

Attn: Craft lovers in CNY

The Indie Garage Sale is held in Utica, NY and is host to various local DIY companies/boutiques and vintage collectors. In general, its filled with tons of hand crafted goodness. 

The next one will be held the 12th and 13th. Be sure to check it out!
For more info on the IGS: www.myspace.com/indiegaragesale

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