Mar 31, 2013

Tutorial: How to make your own hair ties (Photo heavy!)

I have tons of bandannas, all of which have seen better days so when I noticed how badly battered my favorite one was I finally realized what would be the best use of my bag of fabric scraps. The best part? I got to pick and choose what color combinations I made my new hair accessories in. These hair ties are  thicker on the strip that falls on the back and a little thinner than most bandannas overall so they easily tie neatly at the top of your head.

Step-by-step below:

Mar 9, 2013

Easy Yarn DIY

Here's an incredibly simple little sunday project. For this project, I slowly unraveled an old unfinished knitted piece and wrapped around a vase to dress up an otherwise boring clear vessel. I simply wrapped the piece for a semi-temporary uplift but if you can also glue the yarn to the base to secure it for a more permanent and even look. I personally like the idea of taking the yarn off when I feel like giving this vessel a new look but if you are doing this for an event or on a bottle instead of a vase It may be better to just glue it on.

 Note: This is also a great way to utilize yarn scraps - as long as they are at least long enough to wrap around the vase once or twice.

Below is a step-by-step look at how I did mine..

Mar 8, 2013

Project Round Up

Here's my attempt at a (semi) regular feature... (The first project round up went up in November)
I diligently went through my inspiration folder and did a little key word searching to round up my top five picks of d.i.y projects this month. I know it's not officially spring yet, especially here in the NE where it snowed this morning, but I'm hopeful it will soon arrive. I've found I am already in spring cleaning mode and possibly a little too excited to take on a million new projects this season.

 Behold, the links:
  1. Bachelor's Jam: Preserving Fresh Summer Fruits with Booze
  2. DIY Moss Graffiti
  3. Make it: Book Lamp
  4. Vintage suitcase table
  5. Painting Wooden Spoons

Mar 4, 2013

Storage ideas: Wine crates

One of my favorite reusable items are wooden wine crates. They're completely versatile, usually free and make for some great storage solutions. If you've ever been partial to milk crates for storing vinyl, you'd probably love wine crates too. Needless to say these crates aren't in short supply at our apartment and they pop up all over the place, serving as decor as well as furniture. Here are a couple of ways these guys have made their way into my home...

Wine Crate Bookcase

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