Jul 26, 2013

I scream DIY

It's been incredibly hot outside lately here in New York and if you too have been enduring temperatures fit for a heat stroke, I feel for you. I do love summer, don't get me wrong - I'm from a tropical island, where it is humid and hot all the time but when it comes to NYC heatwaves it feels like all the concrete absorbes the heat making it even hotter. I'm always totally blown aback by how incredibly unbearable it can get sometimes but can you guess what makes it all better? This magical thing called iced cream.

Jul 24, 2013

Holiday in PA

A couple of weeks ago, for the fourth of July holiday I spent the week in Pennsylvania, visiting my friend Kate (who is the most amazing hostess ever) in the country. The trip was so much fun, filled with adventures and beer tastings but also incredibly relaxing. I drank a lot of beer, cocktails and shandys, the last of which I just recently found out is a thing down there (who knew?). I also hung out with some of my favorite puppies, explored a couple of historical sites and spent a day in Philly checking out some truly awesome new spots. That particular day even earned a hashtag of its own, #phillyfoodtour.

Here's a glimpse of what my weekend looked like...

Jul 18, 2013

Drink: Summer Sangria

For me, sangria is a summer staple, one that I look forward to enjoying every year as soon as it gets warm outside. It's been 90-100 degrees here in NYC for the past couple of weeks and I honestly can't think of a better way to beat the heat than relaxing up on the roof, fire escape or  - if your're really lucky - in a pool or backyard with this easy boozy treat in hand.

Jul 15, 2013

House tour: Living room

My living room is looking snazzy these days thanks to my "somewhat healthy" thrifty/craiglist/freecycle obsession. The newest addition in our place is that sexy looking surfboard table up there, which I just brought back from Philadelphia. I found it listed on Craigslist and had been eyeing it for the past couple of weeks. I finally made my way to Philly this past weekend and picked up the beauty from Jen at Picked Vintage. It was just what I needed to pull everything together. As it turns out, the finish of the table and the tapered legs with bronze detailing match the mini bar exactly... to a T. It seriously looks like they were part of the same set!

Click the link below for the rest of the details..

Jul 9, 2013

Back (in Black)

After a nice vacation from the blog and very nice, very long fourth of July holiday vacation from the daily grind I am back. It really was a much needed break from routine, the burdens of city living and I feel so refreshed. In all honesty though, it wasn't all an escape, this whole time I've been plotting away ideas, projects & picking up vintage steals - and I'm sure as hell ready to share all of the awesome stuff that has happened while I was away.

During my little extended vacation I drove up to Massachusetts (first time!), spent a weekend up in Martha's Vineyard, got tattooed, did some major spring cleaning, celebrated my 25th birthday, got my very own (another first!) powerdrill, hung out in the countryside out in Bucks County,PA and brought back tons of goodies from a day trip to Philly - and thats just the past two weeks!

Stay tuned!
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