Aug 26, 2010

Westcott Fair

Clutch purse! If I get my ass in motion more  will be available at the fair.
Just got started on my things for the westcott fair. Ive got some new things in the works to sell this year.

WESTCOTT FAIR THIS YEAR: Sunday, September 19, 12:00 - 6:30 PM

Aug 25, 2010

book picks.

  Brought to you by the lovely ladies of Punk Rock Domestics

2.Who You Callin' Cupcake: 75 In-Your-Face Recipes that Reinvent the Cupcake -

  Straight from Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago


3.Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design 

  Companion book to the documentary film of the same name, by Miss Faythe Levine

When im not so broke, these are next on my to buy list. Who knows? Maybe i'll even attempt to review them. Ah, the possibilities! Either way, they scream radness.

Aug 24, 2010

Surfing on a rocket

Looks like we will be using all the boxes left over from the move!
Introducing...the new house project. WERE BUILDING A ROCKETSHIP for our living room.
How awesome is this?

Images and tutorial here:

Aug 20, 2010

Studs and Spikes

Recently a lot of designers have been popping out shoes, bags, and clothing studded and spiked to my little heart's content. I of course, cannot afford such an expense. Thats where my master diy skills come into play.

Feast your eyes on these kick ass beauties though:

        Exhibit A: Louboutin and Rodarte                                  

 Exhibit B: "The porcupine"
 Louise Goldin for TopShop

Exhibit C: "The Stegosaurus Tail Spike heel"                  

  Exhibit D: "The Balsac Jaws of death heel"                             
   ...Better known as the ultimate metal heels  

I just bought myself a 40 pack of spikes on ebay and have a couple of english cone studs that i'll be using on this little project as well. Still debating on silver or black for the actual shoe though.

Upon my recent obsession for all things spiked  I quite honestly wish acquire some super large spikes. Mind you, not any kind of large spike, im thinking hurtyourself-immakillyou 8 inch spikes. (Which by the way i did find online here.) I want to put those babies on the shoulders of my jacket and trot around like bowser. Yep, I want to be the jackass at the show that scrapes all the assholes in the pit "Oops, was that your face? Sorry about that."

My google searching for spiked heels and placement inspiration also yielded a really nice tutorial that was posted on a while back. Check it out here

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