Aug 13, 2013

Finds: Pyrex Glamorama

Vintage Pyrex ad found via Vidalia's Vintage

I've always really liked the look of vintage pyrex, its durable, inexpensive and comes in quite a few cool colors and patterns. I never set out to look for pyrex in particular but was stoked when I stumbled across these cool mugs.

I noticed one of these guys sitting there unconsciously and held on to it for a second before deciding it wasn't worth getting because it was a single mug. Then, as fate would have it, I unearthed two more from a pile of glass and ceramic ware. They just had to come with me at that point.

Pyrex comes in a ton of cutesy and quirky patterns but I don't think I've ever spotted any striped sets like these before. If I'm ever so lucky as to find more you better believe i'll snag em' to add to the collection. Would be awesome to have a full set!

As cool as the mugs are my true pride and joy in the pyrex department is this amazing mid century coffee carafe. Its full on atomic awesomeness. I mean, seriously... how kick-ass is this?

I saw a similar carafe (sans the warmer) in a vintage store in Martha's Vineyard awhile back and was kicking myself for not having taken it home with me so I scored the internet for one and found this beauty, which pretty much had every original piece except for the box (SCORE!). The warmer rack on the bottom still even has candle wax for keeping coffee warm. It will likely be more of a special occasion or display item for me but it's still great to have the full piece.

Last but not least, is this little sauce bowl. The green floral pattern really reminds me of what my mom's pyrex bowls sets used to look like and I slightly can't wait to go visit her and see if it checks out. If it does, i'll likely be plotting how to get away with bringing them back to NY with me but don't tell her I said that.. Regardless this little thing is super useful and now my absolute favorite to use when dipping chips in salsa or green sauce.

The bottom of the bowl is marked Corning, which i assume is Corning, NY right by Ithaca. I don't know much about Corning but I do know it has a long history of glass making and a glass museum, so it makes sense that PYREX was introduced by the Corning Corporation in the town of the same name. Nearby Syracuse used to produce fine China too - Ive stumbled across some at thrift stores up there. I find it fascinating how so many things were produced in upstate NY back in the day.

Conclusion: Mid century pyrex rules. "So much beauty... so many uses!"

Corning Pyrex ad via I Adore Style

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