Mar 4, 2013

Storage ideas: Wine crates

One of my favorite reusable items are wooden wine crates. They're completely versatile, usually free and make for some great storage solutions. If you've ever been partial to milk crates for storing vinyl, you'd probably love wine crates too. Needless to say these crates aren't in short supply at our apartment and they pop up all over the place, serving as decor as well as furniture. Here are a couple of ways these guys have made their way into my home...

Wine Crate Bookcase

Bar shelves

Fabric storage box

All and all, the possibilites as to what you can do with these guys are pretty much endless. I've seen a couple of great ideas on the internet that are as easy as adding legs to make a coffee table or as intense as splitting the wood apart and building whole kitchen cabinets with these. The suckers make great planters for container gardening in the summer too.

As for finding them? I've got to admit both Riki and I were lucky in that department. He works at a wine & liquor store and I work in the wine team at a PR agency, so finding these guys is usually not too hard for us. I'm sure if you asked your local wine store they'd set one or two aside for you though. (It helps if you are really really nice about it).

Not inspired yet? Check out some more wine crate ideas here:


Melissa said...

I love your bookcase! Did you bolt those into the wall or just stack them?

Steph said...

Hi Melissa! I actually just stacked them. They books are heavy and it sort of keeps it in place (easy to rearrange if i feel like it too!) plus they are against the wall so I have no fears of bumping into them and having them collapse. If you were to put them in the middle of a room I'd probably suggest bolting them together though!


Patrick O. said...

Love them all! The fabric wine crate is nice, but that wine crate bar is the best.

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