Mar 9, 2013

Easy Yarn DIY

Here's an incredibly simple little sunday project. For this project, I slowly unraveled an old unfinished knitted piece and wrapped around a vase to dress up an otherwise boring clear vessel. I simply wrapped the piece for a semi-temporary uplift but if you can also glue the yarn to the base to secure it for a more permanent and even look. I personally like the idea of taking the yarn off when I feel like giving this vessel a new look but if you are doing this for an event or on a bottle instead of a vase It may be better to just glue it on.

 Note: This is also a great way to utilize yarn scraps - as long as they are at least long enough to wrap around the vase once or twice.

Below is a step-by-step look at how I did mine..

  • Yarn (any color)
  • A flower vase
  • Scissors

Start off with a plain flower vase or glass bottle. 
Empty glass soda, wine or beer bottles will also work well.

Next, begin wrapping the yarn around the base of your vase and continue until you reach the top. I wrapped in a few different directions since my yarn was multicolored and I wanted a crosshatch effect up close but you can also carefully wrap the yarn over it so that it doesn't overlap. Its a little more fun to do it freeform like I ended up doing but it will take a little more patience if you want a neat linear look.

Once you reach the top of the vase you can cut off the excess yarn and tuck the loose end under the tightly wrapped yarn on the edge of the vase. The end result will look a little like this:


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