Feb 4, 2013

Valentine's day card making extravaganza

This past weekend I made a couple of cards to donate to the Etsy and city meals Special Delivery project. My original idea was to get a bunch of girlfriends together to make a ton but that idea fell apart quickly since it was too last minute (and you know..superbowl/puppybowl plans). I only got a chance to make four cards but it's ok - they were good ones. Riki saw me knee-deep in a sea of paper cutting and craft supplies and he even felt compelled to make one too. The one with the boat was all him.

One day later, I find myself at the Etsy labs dropping off my cards for city meals and attending the Hands-On Sesame letterpress Valentines workshop. Once again I was making -you guessed it- more Valentine's day cards! Less, Simi and I were all newbies to the Etsy Labs and we all had a blast making cards at the workshop. We donated some cards, kept some for friends, took a picture in the infamous Etsy Labs Magnolia photobooth and Simi even met a lady with the same name (and similar birthdays!). Living in Brooklyn, you'd think I would've made it to one of the workshops there before but this was my first time and I'm definitely glad I finally made it to one.

The cards I made at the Etsy workshop.

If that's a little too cutesy and not punk rock enough for you - try one of these on for size:


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