Feb 19, 2013

Craft tattoo round up

Last week I made an appointment to get tattooed by the talented Ashley Love. Her lovely traditional tattoo work has been on my radar for awhile - the first time I looked her up was (in 2011?) when a feisty pink-haired makeup artist working the OCC Cosmetics booth at IMATS NY showed me his tattoos and highly recommended her. I've seen her become more and more popular these days so I'm glad I finally set something up before I just can't get into her busy schedule.

One of the reasons it took me so long to make the appointment in the first place is that I just couldn't decide what I wanted to get done by her so when I contacted her I just gave her a few ideas and she picked out what sounded the most fun to her. I find that's often the best way to get a great looking tattoo; when it's something they're personally stoked on rather than just you.

While I'm not getting a craft tattoo this time around, it is something I plan on getting soon enough so i've been collecting designs and photos as reference material since the idea first came to mind. In my searching for inspiration I have really come across some gems that go beyond the typical ball of yarn, spool or scissor tattoo and It's only fitting that I share some of these craft themed beauties on here...

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Source - unknown artist

Source - Unknown Artist
Source - On Flickr user: NocturnalKnit / Artist unknown 

Source - Done by Adam Perjatel at South Shore Tattoo, Long Island, NY 
Source - unknown artist
Done by Artist Sunny Buick - Paris, France

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cmizellknits said...

I need a new crafty tattoo! These are great! I have knit and purl on my knuckles. Thanks for the inspiration!

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