Feb 20, 2013

Pinterest vs. Tumblr... or not

I have to admit that when I was first introduced to Pinterest, the visual pin board website, I wasn't impressed. Truth be told, I refused to get an account because I was too obsessed with Tumblr at the time and saw my account as my very own custom visual imagery feed. What I didn't realize then was that I could have both - and use them completely differently.

After many an invitation to join, I finally decided to take the plunge.. why not? worth trying right? The fact that I kept seeing it mentioned that in sites like Mashable, and ahem, my dear Martha Stewart Living certainly made a huge influence on me. Ohh the power of the media! but what really got me was seeing my friends get hooked and sharing links to their boards with me regardless of whether I had an account or not. As soon as I had joined the site and perused thousands of amazing blogs, I quickly discovered that the main focus of my pin boards would be crafting and food.

Nowadays, the 'pin it' button looms over my google chrome browser both at home and at work. Honestly I can't imagine why one would ever want to deal with the tedious task of using your bookmarks to find that one particular pumpkin cream cheese frosting recipe when its easily accesible via a dedicated and visually pleasing board. If the recipe doesn't have a picture really why bother trying it? (Unless its mam's or grandma's tried and trusted gem of course!)

I keep my beloved Tumblr less fussy, where it's less about a theme and more about a single great image or idea that I enjoy that day. I follow a lot of my favorite tattoo artists on my tumblr and post a lot of tattoo work on there so I've stayed away from that kind of material on my Pinterest account to keep each focused and enjoyable for my own OCDness. Both platforms have proved to be a constant source of inspiration for me on different levels, helping to keep me organized, resourceful and happy focusing on the things I enjoy -  I wouldn't have it any other way.

*Please not that there are many differences among these platforms that make them unique and I don't specifically endorse one over the other. There are plenty of side by side comparisons on them posted online and my intention is not do that but just to highlight my personal experience and how they both work for me. I think you should use whatever works best for you and your particular preferences.

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