Jan 26, 2013

Easy jewelry display

I (Finally!) managed to clear out my jewerlry, keeping only the essentials. It was hard, seriously. Once I consolidated, it was time to set up my favorites on top of my dresser for easy access. I didn't want to buy a display so the rest is history.

I was researching DIY cake stands as a christmas gift idea for my mom and then it dawned on me that I could easily use one of these for jewelry (She's incredibly picky so I made her something a little more intensive but let's leave that for another blog post)

(Image From Apartment Therapy)

The best part of this project is that it's incredibly easy and affordable. To make it you'll only need 3 plates or bowls (I went with glass but ceramic or plastic will do too), 2 small glasses or cups for the middle and a good super glue to set it. All together it cost me about $5 to make.

Here's my version:

Not quite your style? Here's some other amazing tutorials I found while looking for ideas:

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