Nov 26, 2012

A 'found' vintage spice rack gets a makeover

My lucky boyfriend was the one to spot this classic wooden spice rack a few blocks away from the apartment he was living in. It came with us when we moved in together but the sad thing had definitely seen better days so it was one of the first projects i tackled upon our move in. (Partially because we own so many spices... that's not even half of them on it)

Here's how I did it...

Started out with a great piece, in not so great condition...

CLOSE UP: The wood wasn't totally smooth-- and it was stained with what i think was white paint!?!?
Someone clearly didn't care to much for it... 

Here's what I put into it:

  1. 2 sanding blocks from the 99c store
  2. 1 can of spray paint primer
  3. 1 can of red spray paint
  4. some effort sanding and patience in between coats

After cleaning the dust off and some good old sanding action, I almost considered leaving as is...

Then I took on the spray paint challenge.. on my fire escape in case you can't tell...

Spray painting on my fire escape actually proved quite difficult (no kidding) since I was awkwardly inside and spraying through the window to outside. I tried not staining the fire escape - i mean look at all the newspaper there- but it was inevitable. 

I successfully avoided getting intoxicated by the fumes while inside the apartment after! Hooray!
HOWEVER, I do not recommend this to anyone. If you have access to it get on your rooftop or go outdoors to a backyard, its much easier when you have a larger space to work on (oh NYC apartments..).

The one thing I definitely suggest is making sure you appropriately wait for every coat to dry before spraying more. The whole thing took about two days. I primed it the first and let it dry then spray painted it red over a couple of hours the next day.

The end result:

It also perfectly matches the rest of the kitchen but thats a visual for another day. Overall, this was super easy to do and I was really happy with the result. Pretty great dumpster find i'd say.

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