Sep 10, 2013

How to Tuesday: Lined zippered pouch out of an onion bag

We tend to go through a lot of onions in the kitchen so I always grab large bags of them at the grocery store and they come in these mesh bags (see in the far left) which have always struck me as DIY project waiting to happen. The font and graphics on the front are really cool so I knew I really wanted to use them in some way for some time now. I  finally decided on an idea this week and  set out make a pouch with it and some leftover fabric. Came out pretty polished for a first try, Riki saw it at home and thought I'd bought it! 

Want to make your own? Click below for a picture heavy step-by-step on how I made it:

First, lay your bag on a flat surface and using sharp scissors carefully cut the logo from the bag until you have a square. You should notice a small film of invisible plastic near the edges, cut along it until you just have the plastic and logo area. 

Then line up the zipper you'll use and cut the label to size.

 Choose a fabric for your inner lining and cut front and back panels to size. This will also be a good time to separate the front and back of your onion labels by cutting the side seam too. When finished you should have 4 pieces. The 2 pieces of the fabric you'll use to line the bag, 2 front and back labels and your zipper should all be the same size. 

Next you'll do a zipper "sandwich". Place one of your lining pieces face up, then the zipper and the outer fabric facing down. Once it's lined up you can sew across the top like so:

When you pull the fabric back it will look like this (if your a little more careful than me, perhaps a little less bumpy, oops) :

Repeat the process on the other side and it will look like this:

Now separate both pieces of lining to one side and the two pieces of outer fabric to the other side like this:

Unzip your zipper halfway so you can turn the piece of fabric once it's been sewn over.  Pin the sides and zipper teeth down then sew along the edge. Leave an opening (2-3 inches) on the bottom of the lining side.

Finally, just turn right side out through your opening like so:

Then stitch your opening shut. I prefer to do this by hand but it's a personal preference, you can also use your machine if you like.

Push the lining inside and then you're done!

I can see it working well as a cosmetic case, clutch or a nice knicknack pouch to throw in your tote bag. Could make for a cool gift too!

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