Sep 7, 2013

Hand Stamped DIY round up

I've seen some cool stamped designs on band records and shirts over the years but to be honest I haven't really given the technique much attention before in my own projects. I know, I'm pretty surprised myself, after all stamping, along with stenciling and screen printing (the latter two of which I've done my fair share of experimenting with) are pretty much at the heart of DIY in many ways. So here's a round up of awesome stamp and stamping related projects to inspire you (and me) to get into stamping everywhere and everything. 

Enjoy the hell out of it.

  1. Hand stamped DIY wrapping paper by Sweet Paul
  2. DIY hand stamped paper placemat by Sweet Tidings
  3. How to make a hand carved rubber stamp by Compulsive Craftiness
  4. Skull potato stamp by Martha Stewart
  5. Hand stamped DIY pony print dress by A Beautiful Mess
  6. DIY A Hand Blocked Chair to Obsess Over by Remodelista
  7. Upcycle: Wine cork rubber stamps by Zakka Life
  8. No sew hand stamped blanket by Chasing Sunshine
  9. How to print your own fabric with a potato by Childerhouse blog
  10. Hand printed fabric gift wrap tutorial by Unruly Things

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