Sep 16, 2010

Project studandspike-a-thon: part 2

Following my recent obssession with studded things and my previous post with the awesome Louboutin/Rodarte heels I finally got around to working on my own version. The whole project didn't take too long really(about two days?). At this point I just need to get some more cone studs for the front of the right shoe and i'll be done!

$5.00 pink heels from Salvation Army
$15 bag of assorted large spikes
things i already had:
xacto knife, bag of cone studs, felt, can of black spray paint + clear coat spray
TOTAL: All and all i spent around $20... not bad, not bad!

How I did it:
-Before you begin mark off with a sharpie where you'd like your spikes to go.
-Then poke holes through your marks with a sharp x-acto, making them wide enough for your spikes to screw threw (start small, you can always widen them)
-Screw in your spikes through the holes and tighten
-For the cone studs in the front, bend the prongs back and use a glue gun to attach them one by one to the toe of your heels

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