Jul 14, 2010

Reopening doors, were back in business!

Now that I've graduated and have more time on my hands I have once again rekindled my love affair with crafting and have been keeping myself busy making things. It's been awhile since I have even updated this blog, so a little revamping was in order. New layout, new header. and without further a do.. new content!
From this moment on I shall embark on a journey in which the results of my hours obsessing over stitches, hot glue, fabrics, trimming, and putting my dumpster finds to good use will undergo a decent amount of documentation. Wish me luck!

ll start off with a little something mildly flavored...
A recently customized Vest and Hoodie after the jump.


Materials used:  $6 white vest, pack of cone studs, slaughter and the dogs backpatch, plastic skeleton hand, recycled chains and vice squad patch.  More things will possibly be added as i feel like it.

The hoodie was just spiced up with a recycled shirt, a previously stained and badly cut white dead boys shirt. Cut to size and securely zig zag stitched to the back of my jacket.

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