Oct 1, 2009

Storage space

I have been trying to figure out how to make shelving without a visit to the hardware store for the longest time now. I had been picking up pieces of wood that people tossed out so i could use them but to be honest, i had given up already. How to make the "bracket" to get them on the wall was what had me dumbfounded.

Then my friend Hannah offered to give me some of her "shelf brackets". The first thing I noticed was that they weren't what i was expecting- they were better. So i thought i'd share. She made these out of branches, a saw, sanding paper, a drill and some love.

The pictures don't really do these justice but one side is flat and the branch is cut level with the top of the back piece. She then made holes on the flat piece for the nails to go through the wall.

I stumbled across this mushroom shelf tutorial a couple of days ago. If you live near trees with mushrooms definitely worth a try. It's absolutely brilliant. 


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